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Evidence 2015

Paperless Debate Tip



Arizona Novice Policy Debate


Novice debates in Arizona have been not productive because novices are able to take their varsity team arguments and run them without actually understanding the arguments themselves. This practice disincentives them from actually learning because they are able to win due to the fact that other teams don't know whats going on and it directly trades off with the ability to learn the fundamentals of debate. A group of coaches from around the state have decided that we want to produce an Arizona Novice Evidence Packet, following the models of successful UDLs and Novice Programs like Georgia in order to allow novices to learn the basics and develop skills in a small pool. This group is working with the tournaments across the state to create sanctions that can be applied to teams that do not follow the rules. A group of ASU debaters, and Arizona coaches (if they are interested) will be in charge of cutting and compiling these files, as well as keeping up with supplements over the year. 


1: List of people involved

Adam Symonds, ASU Director of Forensics 

Joel Sannes, Chandler Prep Director of Forensics (Connection to BASIS Schools, River Valley HS)

Susan Seep, Horizon Director of Forensics (All around awesome individual)

Chris Roberds, Salpointe Catholic High School, Policy Debate Coach

Nicole Woodruff, Chandler Prep Assistant Policy Coach

Rohit Rajan, Ex ASU Debater - File Editor 

Kailyn Revenew, Desert Vista Policy Coach

Zach Brisson, Hamilton and McClintock Coach



2: Rules

Novices can only run arguments and cards released in the packet. Novices can cut from the source arguments released, but cannot cute new articles. 

Novices cannot run arguments not in the files, supplements will be released throughout the year, including a Kritik around the time of ASU

Novices are encourages to research and cut cards, they can be submitted into the committee to be released as supplements.

Novices will face repercussions from tournaments if they do not read evidence from the packet. 

Novices are permitted to run theory arguments.


3. Evidence Draft

First Semester

702 Reform Aff

702 Reform Neg

Transparency CP

Terrorism DA

T Domestic

LEADs Act Aff

LEADs Act Neg

_________ CP

Circumvention DA

____________ Politics DA


Second Semester 

Neoliberalism K



4. Expectations

Novice Evidence Packet will incentive students to learn and understand arguments, giving them a narrow amount of arguments so they can enhance skills and the fundamentals of debate

Novice Evidence Packet will allow for targeted researching, making teaching easier

Novice Evidence Packet will help varsity debate, allowing for student to enter their sophomore year with knowledge of the skills required to run an argument

Novice Evidence Packet will incentive teams without policy programs to start up programs, giving them resources to teach from 

Novice Evidence Packet will encourage students to go to varsity if they feel they have mastered the skills/ are interested in reading a Kritik



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